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Create fillable PDF forms on your Mac from Scratch

Hundreds of PDF forms are filled for business every day. Therefore, it has become necessary to understand the process of creating fillable PDF forms. By following the instructions, you can create fillable PDF forms effectively.

PDF forms cannot be edited. However, such issues may not be seen with the fillable PDF forms. Due to interactive nature of these forms, it can be edited several times.

Requirement for the creation of fillable PDF forms

  • Documents from Open Office, Word and Google Drive can be turned into fillable PDF forms. You can even make them highly interactive.

  • Adobe Acrobat

Fillable PDF forms from scratch

If you create fillable PDF forms from the very beginning then complete control over the page can be retained easily. Look of the form can be decided. Therefore standard or stagnant page may not be noticed at all. Designer inside you can be brought in to the surface in the process.

Document Creation

Documents are created with the application of word processing in the very beginning. Later on, it can be exported to the platform of PDF. During creation of document, it is better to remember about the form field. Therefore, adequate amount of space must be retained to create fillable PDF forms. Little bit of stress over field can be observed. However, it can be dealt later. Files can be saved or exported as PDF for desired results

Creation of fresh Acrobat form

Documents are opened from Acrobat. In case the files cannot be opened with Acrobat then errors must be found and corrected to proceed further.

Inclusion of form fields

From the sidebar on the right hand side within the task, you can add fields. Diverse ranges of fields can be found on the occasion. Based on the requirement, field can be selected. Fields can be resized in order to make space for the text effectively.

In order to give several options, more than single field can be added. In most occasions, similar results can be ensured with the radio button and checkboxes. However, value can be selected against the radio boxes exclusively. Due to presence of list boxes, multiple options are allowed. For the selection of single value, drop down menu can be noticed.


To create fillable PDF forms, you must check the page properly. If you are happy with the form then it can be saved. Fine operation must be ensured from the page. Through the preview, an idea about the appearance can be obtained.